It’s much too easy to doom-focus on all of the terrible, no good, very bad stuff that happened this year and may somehow be hiding in the drapes to jump-scare us still. Let’s not do that.

Instead, I’d like to simply point out numerous good things that appeared while you may have been too busy rifling through your Facebook nostalgia for a Zoom background from a vacation beach or concert venue, or maybe just screaming into a pillow.

The good things, in casually chronological order:

Doing your job when your job is no longer required.

When lockdown first started, if we were lucky we retreated to our homes and our…

Back in 2019, when the world was still high-fiving and handshaking, and social distancing was simply an introvert’s option, I took some time away from my usual web/tech startup world to explore a different startup: a retro EV automobile conversion business. I was far from the first person to consider this, let alone do it, but I felt that the market moment was still early enough to be interesting-enough to explore.

The R&D journey took me from Seattle to Southern California and then all the way to Stuttgart, Germany, before I decided to prove to myself I should actually be…


I apologize if you liked any of those posts or tried to revisit one recently. I first posted here in 2013. I had a few favorites, and now they’re gone like Alderaan.

I was trying to consolidate my accounts — one with a Twitter login that I really used, the other with a Google login that I created by mistake — and I managed to vaporize the Twitter-connected one and all ~20 pieces I’d written. I didn’t realize I’d done so until it was too late, and all of the writing was permanently deleted. (Apparently, Medium does not back up…

Matt Shobe

Concerned citizen. EV, downhill ski, general aviation enthusiast. Not a historical re-enactor, but wouldn't mind timeshare on a time machine.

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